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Some famous Hamlets through the years: Edwin Booth (1870), John Gielgud (1929), Laurence Olivier (1948), Ian McKellen (1971), Kenneth Branagh (1996), Ben Whishaw (2004), David Tennant (2009), and Rory Kinnear (2010).

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Ben Whishaw - Mojo, stage door (07.02.2014).


My Ben Whishaw pictures from the Mojo Stage Door Tonight :)


Omg what is going on haha! They’re having a blast!!!! And it’s just the interval!!!

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We can’t open the pen. And Ben used tooth to help us.

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Hi. You changed your post since last night. But your weibo is still saying that you gave him a tight pen on purpose. I hope not your Chinese is limited too. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

So a little note on the Danny mays issue.


My heart absolutely broke for Danny tbh. It was about 6 or 7 minutes into the second act and he was trying his hardest to get through his lines :’( Rupert began feeding him his lines a bit and he was leaning on the staircase and you could see from rup that something was up, he was petrified the…

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